An awesome day

Today I got to welcome these lovely baby girls into the world.  As part of my hospital rotation, I spent a couple of hours in the maternity ward.  Some women were quietly laboring… Continue reading

Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought (Napoleon Hill)

This Girl

She appears at the unit at least once a month in the most deplorable condition; severely malnourished, bruised, filthy and in a seemingly catatonic stupor.  Sometimes she is brought in by law enforcement… Continue reading

HIV & Gulu

Prior to coming to Uganda, I had never taken an AIDS test before.  Ironically, since working at Gulu Referral Mental Health I had conducted several HIV pretest and post-test counseling sessions.  I was… Continue reading

This is Uganda My Friend

Life in Gulu has not been easy as of late.    Over the last couple of weeks we have been experiencing consistent power outages. Umeme, Uganda’s electric company is regularly failing to provide the… Continue reading

Where I work

With less than two months left in my fellowship, I’m starting to feel nostalgic about my time remaining at Gulu Referral Hospital.  It’s difficult to capture the campus in pictures alone.  Images cannot… Continue reading

Treating poverty

On my way to work one morning, I made a detour to the medical ward to check on a patient we had referred a few days earlier.  When I arrived, I was told… Continue reading

If I remain silent

“If I remain silent, I may help my own soul but, because I do not help other people, I poison my soul. Silence never helps the victim. It only helps the victimizer”……Elie Wiesel… Continue reading

A Guilty Lunch

Almost every day for lunch, I have been going to the Sankofa Café, a little outpost on the outskirts of Gulu.  The place is popular with the expat set for its wide selection… Continue reading

A patient game of ping pong

This morning we saw a patient in her early sixties with complaints such as numbness of the extremities, headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain, epigastric pain and heart palpitations.  She had been referred to… Continue reading

Research and Child soldiers: Who are we helping? Us or them?

I was a little taken aback when my boss/practicum supervisor came into our office today and asked us to stop what we were doing to compile a list of former child soldiers.  Apparently… Continue reading

Acceptable and Unacceptable Norms

Today I had the opportunity to speak to one of the psychiatrists on the mental health unit.  After briefly welcoming me to the team, he candidly elaborated on the ward’s operational deficiencies; overmedication… Continue reading

Meeting Stakeholders

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been sitting down with NGOs in Gulu to get a better idea of the post-conflict psychosocial programs that have been offered to the community.  I… Continue reading

Village Life

I have been living on the outskirts of Gulu for almost a month now.  Compared to the fast pace of Kampala, Gulu is mellow and laid-back.   I try to wake up early to… Continue reading

How to avoid an international incident at any airport

Don’t offer any personal opinions. As Americans we tend to forget that freedom of speech does not necessarily extend to all jurisdictions, and is also not seen as a favorable right within many… Continue reading

Weihnachts Stimmung in Deutschland

Inside the annals of Makerere’s literary world

One of the first places I visited when I arrived in Uganda was Aristoc bookshop on Kampala road.  I was surprised to find the entire Twilight series as well as copies of Shades… Continue reading

1943-2012 (Death is nothing at all)

As some of you may have heard my father passed away a few days ago after a short illness.  I wanted to share a Funeral Death Poem by Henry Scott Holland ~ 1847-1918(Canon… Continue reading

From Poverty and Psychology

We want health housing and education; but not at the expense of losing our own soul; our own identity; a say in our lives” (Dodson, 1998)(Carr & Sloan, 2003).


This weekend I was in Gulu for a traditional wedding.  The ceremony reminded me of the sentiments of a researcher who once said that “there is no point to look back if it… Continue reading