Goodbye coffee art .. Goodbye free wifi

I can’t believe my time in Topeka is already coming to an end. No more FSGC, no more Blackbird Cafe, Dillon’s groceries, and Subway Sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner. At first I had such a hard time adjusting to the slow pace of Topeka. Now, I think it was the perfect place to have underwent such a challenging practicum. No distractions.. Just work. In any event, I’m glad I got to change my latitude within the relative comfort of Kansas before taking a giant step off the grid. In a few weeks, it will be more than goodbye wifi and coffee art. It will feel like the darkness before the light. The first couple of days in Uganda will feel like waterskiing with only one ski; fast, exciting but way off balance with a wipe out just looming. Well flexibility has gotten me this far.. I can only hope that I emerge on the right side of chaos when all is said and done.