Born to Boda

Ever since I arrived in Kampala, people keep telling me to stay away from BodaBoda drivers.   They are considered bad bad news because they are  allegedly involved in most crimes around the city.  I’ve been told that they pick up naive individuals like me , ride half way and then rob them.  I’ve also been told that they scout out where you live and then come back at night and rob you.  Most stories are related to robberies, terrible accidents or death.  I bought my first motorcycle helmet to protect myself from brain injury.  I’ve also taken to only riding with Boda drivers that I know (when I can).  Kampala is big, and BodaBoda drivers are busy, so that is not always an option.  I have been very lucky, because most who have transported me from point A to B are sweet and nice.  I hope I won’t have to eat my words.

In any case, I discovered a love of riding on the back of a motorcycle.  I look forward to this ride everyday.  Aside from Boda’s being risky, they are also an expensive mode of transportation.  One ride from Munyonyo to Makerere University by Boda costs me 10,000 UGX while going by minibus is only 1500 UGX.  If I could just wake up early enough to afford taking the slowest commuter bus in the world, I could save a lot of money.  The minibus (i.e. Matatu) has no bus stop.  It stops every 2 minutes to pick up people who look like they may be waiting for a Matatu.  A 15 minute Boda ride, can take one hour and 15 minutes by Matatu.  The same thing that make Boda’s fast and convenient, is the same reason that make them so treacherous and hated by Kampala drivers.  They weave in and out of crazy traffic at high speeds with a confidence that is unparalleled.  I’m mentally cuing…Whip It…ImageImage