Not bad at all

Last Tuesday, I put on my best non-wrinkled dress, got on a BodaBoda and went to fancy Kololo Hill to attend a hiphop event at the US Ambassador to Uganda’s home.  As part of Uganda’s Independence Day celebration (Golden Jubilee), the US State Department hosted a cultural exchange program that brought Ugandan and American hip-hop artists together to perform and collaborate. Boren Fellows and Fulbright Scholars were also invited to attend. I felt right at home when I discovered that the main artist Mahogany Jones was also from Brooklyn.

Standing there with a glass of white wine at the Ambassador’s house, listening to a Brooklynite perform for Ugandan hiphop artists and foreign services types… I felt that I had truly arrived.

Sorry about the blurry pix.  I want to say it was the lighting, but I’m sure it was the wine 😉



US Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi and friend

Mahogany Jones with band and US Ambassador Scott DeLisi