…And then there were people

Uganda has countless ethnic groups (e.g. Acholi, Baganda, Bunyoro, Busoga, Karamojong, etc)  that each have their own unique culture, languages and dialects.  For Uganda’s Golden Jubilee celebration (50 years of independence from British rule), Makerere University hosted a cultural arts festival that allowed students from each group to showcase their traditional dances and perform dress rehearsals (featuring clothes from early history to contemporary times).  I was impressed with how engaged and enthusiastic the students were in participating in the activities.  I asked a girl how long it took for her group to rehearse their dance.  I was not surprised when she told me that most people arrived to practice already equipped and ready to go.  Children grow up learning their traditional dances.  Cultural practices do not appear to be a separate entity, but are a consummate part of one’s identity…….how novel.