A Zero Sum Day

I am only one week into the new semester, and I am already feeling dread about what is ahead.  The first week’s work load seems entirely unreasonable.  The professor assigned us 4 chapters, a 10 page PDF, a 17 page PDF, 4 short essays, participation in the discussion forums and to top it all off….a group presentation involving a psychobiography of a person of our choice. As soon as I had ascertained that this was not a joke, I got to work.  By Tuesday, I had identified that one of my group members was in L.A. and the other in New York.  Scheduling west coast, east coast and  below the equator was going to be a zero sum game.  For the last couple of days, I’ve been waking up at 5 AM to make group project meetings.  By today I was so exhausted that  I almost slept right through the recording of our presentation (it was about Idi Amin by the way).  Somehow we got it done by 12:30 AM EST, 10:30 PST, and 8:30 AM East African Standard Time.  I was too wired to go back to bed.  Additionally, to celebrate the completion of the group project, the power had gone out in Munyonyo, and the faucets were not dispensing a drop of water.  The best thing to do was  to get into a Matatu and go to the market, get rained on and try again tomorrow.