The Truth About Sloped Horizons

Until recently, I held this false conception that you can see a curvature in the horizon when you view it from the equator.  Apparently this is akin to believing that unicorns in fact do exist in some dense areas of the Bolivian rainforest.  My boyfriend gently advised that mankind resides on a sphere. The horizon is the same everywhere as long as the topography is flat.  Romantic notions of curved cloudscapes aside, I genuinely appreciate the merits of living  32 km south of where the equator passes.   The average temperature is around +/- 26 ºC (79 ºF).  Coming home from campus yesterday, walking in blistering heat, past banana plantations, palm trees and lush foliage, I felt like an Eve in  Milton’s Paradise Lost. With the humidity, it almost felt like 87 ºF….and summer has not even officially begun.

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