The Truth About Sloped Horizons

Until recently, I held this false conception that you can see a curvature in the horizon when you view it from the equator.  Apparently this is akin to believing that unicorns in fact… Continue reading

Development….not always a gift

“Economic development planning has assumed that all individuals want the same level of material infrastructure that exists in Euro -American urban environments” (Watkins & Shulman, 2008).

The thing about eating Insects

When I was at the market today, I couldn’t help but notice bucketful of green things in front of every vendor’s stall.  Nsenene season has arrived in full force.  I am still marveling… Continue reading

The more they tried to make it just like home…

Yesterday when I was out, I was reminded of a scene in Apocalypse now in which Willard reflects on soldiers partying to escape the mundane of ordinary life.  He thought “the more they tried… Continue reading

The Labyrinth

This is the taxi park I traverse on my commute back to Munyonyo everyday.  It’s a sea of taxis, or Matatu’s as they call them here.  There does not appear to be anybody… Continue reading

Lak Lyec pe loyo rwede

My language teacher graciously breaks up hard language instructions with Acholi cultural observations and proverbs.  The latest one was “Lak Lyec pe loyo rwede”, which means the tusk of an elephant is not… Continue reading

Lawol means what ?!

My Acholi language instructor  stumbled across this gem in the Lwo/English Dictionary.  This is not a good testament to my good name or character.  It has to be some kind of mistake…but there… Continue reading

A Zero Sum Day

I am only one week into the new semester, and I am already feeling dread about what is ahead.  The first week’s work load seems entirely unreasonable.  The professor assigned us 4 chapters,… Continue reading

Nakasero Market

I come here once a week to proudly get ripped off by the merchants.  As soon as they hear an accent, the price goes up exponentially.  Like something that is supposed to be… Continue reading

…And then there were people

Uganda has countless ethnic groups (e.g. Acholi, Baganda, Bunyoro, Busoga, Karamojong, etc)  that each have their own unique culture, languages and dialects.  For Uganda’s Golden Jubilee celebration (50 years of independence from British rule), Makerere University hosted a cultural arts… Continue reading

Not bad at all

Last Tuesday, I put on my best non-wrinkled dress, got on a BodaBoda and went to fancy Kololo Hill to attend a hiphop event at the US Ambassador to Uganda’s home.  As part… Continue reading

My new home in Munyonyo

That beautiful greenery you see in the background is swampland that feeds into Lake Victoria.  You can walk right up to the Papyrus, and see bogs of water everywhere.  Some people have started… Continue reading

Born to Boda

Ever since I arrived in Kampala, people keep telling me to stay away from BodaBoda drivers.   They are considered bad bad news because they are  allegedly involved in most crimes around the… Continue reading

Makerere Uni……Campus Life

Akwano Acholi i Makerere

I’m almost in my eighth week of learning Acholi at Makerere University.  I can form simple sentences and understand bits and pieces of what people are saying on the street.  I however underestimated how much my accent… Continue reading

Good Faith Efforts

I have walked past Postal Uganda at least a million times, but I’ve been inside the actual building only once.  It was to accompany my friend, who was showing a lot of good… Continue reading

Where I get my daily stuff

  Munyonyo does not have any supermarkets, but you can get everything you need at tiny little family businesses.  I usually get a mango juice before jumping on a Matatu, or I pick… Continue reading

Power and Water

  As mentioned, my old apartment was in Mengo, which was close to The Kabaka’s Palace.  I was surprised that while I lived in a gated community, and enjoyed all the amenities of… Continue reading


Nsenene are locust like creatures (grasshoppers really) that appear during the rainy season in early November. Strong white light is placed between reflective iron sheets to attract them. When the grasshoppers fly against… Continue reading

My first apartment in Mengo by Kabaka Lake